Types of Mediation Practiced

  • Business Civil (general)
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Professional Fees
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Landlord – Tenant
  • Real Estate

Approach to Mediation

TESTIMONIAL: "Dr. Goetz was able to do what a retired judge (previous mediator) could not do. In fact, the previous mediation crashed and burned shortly after it got off the ground. Dr. Goetz's demeanor and skills showcased his compassion, intelligence and perseverance to drive home a fair resolution. He came prepared and was able to spot, absorb and work with the subtleties of the emotions which was as important as the underlying facts. Most impressive!   Dr. Goetz exemplifies what is best about mediation. He showed respect for each party's position but was able to eventually bring them together through an understanding of the law, the economics of the situation and the emotions of the litigants. Truly skilled work!" - Ed Stark, Esq., Cron, Israels & Stark

The goal is to settle, and based on the hundreds of litigated cases I have mediated, that is our most probable result.

On the road to settlement, it is possible that we will generate offers “on the table” that your client will knowingly weigh in an evaluative manner and yet may still decide to continue the litigation.  However, as the ultimate advocate of a mediated settlement, I will work very hard with you to ensure that litigation is not the end result unless, after weighing all factors with me, you are convinced that litigation is the right choice in your case.

A recent study of California cases revealed that, in cases that did not settle, 61% of the time plaintiffs received better offers in mediation than the ultimate trial or arbitration results. My job is to generate offers that, in weighing all possible outcomes, are in an acceptable range to consider settlement for both sides. It is also my job to work with counsel to negotiate the best possible outcome, within a realistic and reasonable range, so we do not end up on the wrong side of the 61% statistic.

I take my role seriously, with experience as a mediator, law school dean and arbitrator, I possess a sense of equity and fairness that ensures a fair process for you and your client. My focus on listening and facilitating understanding is at the center of my practice. Although you could leave our mediation without a settlement, you will not leave the mediation feeling that all opportunities for settlement have not been exhausted.