Fees & Costs

Mediation or Arbitration: Fees are split equally by the litigants unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance.


Amount in Dispute:

Greater than $100,000:  $2,500 for each ½ day of hearing or $625/hour, whichever is less for the litigants

$100,000 or less:           $2,000 for each ½ day of hearing.


Minimum deposit:           $1,000 from each party.


If you have been tasked with comparison shopping on price, here are some additional considerations:


1)    There are no additional charges for preparation or intake time.


2)    My rates may be lower because I personally handle the communication with the parties, and do not involve additional staff in coordinating the hearings.


3)    I do not require that the parties travel to my office for the hearing. We will conduct the hearing at a mutually agreed upon site or via videoconferencing (i.e., ZOOM) that is convenient for the participants.